At THoM we got that growl in your stomach covered. Whether a snack or a little something to get those calories back in after a long day doing the work thing, we have a little bit of everything – healthy and bad to the bone. If you want Michelin, we’ll give you a referral. If you want a tasty morsel, we know a guy.

Whether you call it the ‘Dark Goodness’ or ‘Morning Joe’ or even ‘Don’t talk to me before my coffee’ – getting you started and sustain through the day is what we do best. We focus on real coffee, not monkey’s eating coffee beans and sh**ting them into a cup, or barista’s selling you mystical flavours that you didn’t know were a thing, we just serve a great bean that tastes like coffee should.

We want our beer like it use to be – cold, golden and easy. In a world where brand has overtaken substance, we go back to the old days when a good beer for a fair price meant something. So, we scour around looking for beer partners that get us, that believe in our thinking, and that’s what comes out of our draft taps.

Sometimes you need to just wash off the dirt and grease, brush your teeth and put up your hair. These are ‘Cocktail Days’. Our little team of bartender pirates know a thing or two about intermingling spirits and flavours, from a barrel-aged Old Fashioned, to a sneaky Whisky Sour.