The House of Machines vision was to create an environment to honour both man and machine. The foundation store is housed in a historic workhouse in Cape Town, South Africa. ‘THoM’ or ‘The House’ is the consummate fusion of coffee, café, craft beer, cocktails, live music, menswear and custom bikes — the quintessential fine purveyor for the modern man.

It is an eclectic collaboration that is as much a reflection of its founders’ lifestyles, as a purpose-built space in which they can share their passions. Through a few handshakes and a trust in the purpose, coffee & beer innovator Brad Armitage, fashion designer Paul van der Spuy and entrepreneur Drew Madacsi, came together to create the original concept — a homage to the thread that wove their different lives together — two wheels. The philosophy behind it is simple: “We’ve combined things we really dig and think others would like too.”

Through a unique curatorship and considered procurement, The House has moved from a place to meet, to a community, one as diverse as the things inside it. It is a destination of all things cool, thunderous and fast. The owners, and the most passionate people that define THoM have sourced a selection of the finest items that could be found – objects that mean something to them, with the hope that they will resonate with you. Solid coffee, food made from the heart, crafted apparel, small distillery spirits & craft beers, hand-built motorcycles and a veritable cornucopia of those sneaky little ‘must haves’.

Open from 7am on weekdays, The House offers a range of locally-sourced food options, and serves up a devilish cup of the black gold, from our exclusive espresso brand, Evil Twin. The 100% organic arabica bean is grown in the rich fertile soils of Honduras, sourced from a single estate, where they are shade-grown, free from any of the pesticides, chemically-drenched fertilisers or crap that might find its way into your cup … then European Union certified organic. Monday to Saturday nights, the bar comes to life, offering a handcrafted selection of spirits, craft beers, and small batch barrel aged cocktails, handmade through a very special program. Life doesn’t begin until you partake in an evening Old Fashioned or Negroni at The House.

Live music has been a huge part of The House culture from the beginning with weekly music events such as our renowned Songwriter’s Showcase and monthly artist residencies. Providing a comfortable and intimate listening space, many well known bands have launched their gig rosters from our ‘stage’, which is little more than a glorified carpet towards the back of the bar. There is live music Tuesday to Saturday nights. Be sure to check out our ‘upcoming events’ section to keep up to date with a lineup that changes weekly.

THoM is your home, as much as it is ours.