Simply stated, La Macchina (“The Machine”) Speed Shop (LMSS) is the custom bike-building arm of THoM. Originally created and housed in Florida, USA, it has transformed into a tangible idea to collaborate with some of the best builders from around the world. The mission statement is simple and concise; to build special order bikes, based on what THoM clients want, not what the world tells them they need to have. Just like the THoM creators, every man has a different preference, every ride satisfies a different ideal. The aim is to listen to LMSS clients, help them understand the practicalities of custom bike building and then link them directly to the builders that best understand these exact nuances. LMSS then works directly with the chosen builder to deliver a living, fire-breathing destroyer of the open road, a master of the dirt.

But what makes a “world class” builder in the first place, this man you entrust to deliver on a dream? Talent of course but more importantly it’s a passion for the craft. Every bike builder has a personal preference, a preferred ride. Chris and Fiona Richardson from LA Speed Shop have focussed on California customs, Kevin Dunworth at Loaded Gun Customs in Delaware, Café Racers, and the late Larry Pierce (#NFLP) from Garage Company Customs in Alabama, southern inspired Choppers. The younger brigade has Alex Stoos from Stoos Customs, building hand machined Harley Davidson customs in South Africa. What makes these builders uniquely intriguing for LMSS; they stretch and extend beyond their personal preferences. It’s the art of building, designing, and figuring out that drives them, the pursuit that there is a solution to every problem, that every bike is a beauty in the eye of the dreamer.

This is the heart, the desire, and the passion that defines, The Machine.